Victim of a Rohnert Park Accident?

Santa Rosa Personal Injury Lawyers Are Available to Answer Your Questions

Picture of man with shoulder injuryIf you are searching for the highest standard of legal services provided by any personal injury lawyer to Rohnert Park community members, look no further than Flahavan Law Offices. As the industry leader, our accident lawyer in Rohnert Park strives to offer prospective clients an honest assessment seasoned with real compassion. This compassion remains the core of our relationships, beginning with your free initial consultation.

A timely response is essential for any personal injury lawyer serving Rohnert Park to develop a concrete case. In cases of personal injury, many times events occur without reason. This lack of reason is often the product of another’s negligence, ignorance, or wrongdoing.

Let us help you understand your full legal options to recover past, present, and future losses. We are well-equipped to help you implement a game plan designed to successfully solidify your case, thus yielding you a fair settlement for your suffering.

Our accident lawyer in Rohnert Park knows all too well that some insurance companies urge the injured to make quick decisions to accept offered settlements. Often, this results in receiving less compensation for your injuries than you deserve.

At our law offices, a personal injury attorney will inform you of pitfalls to avoid when injured. Unfortunately, in many of these cases, the injured person often returns to work too soon, risking the possibility of masking symptoms and becoming more injured. Suddenly, the case becomes confused. Who is responsible for the damage? In this scenario, the injured party often recovers very little, if any, compensation.

After receiving a personal injury consultation from one of our Santa Rosa personal injury attorneys, you can confidently arrive at a responsible decision. When determining the amount you will accept for compensation, it is important to consider many factors, including:

  • Medical expenses
  • Loss of wages or even work
  • Replacement of lost property
  • Potential cost of long term care
  • Compensation for pain and suffering

Our pledge is that “all cases that we accept are taken on a contingency basis.” In other words, if our case results with no recovery, we receive no fees. Thus, our interest is mutual. You can rest assured that we will provide you with a knowledgeable, professional attorney who is motivated to help you receive the restitution to which you are fully entitled.

When they are selecting a personal injury lawyer, Rohnert Park citizens deserve experienced, successful legal representation. At Flahavan Law offices, we are proud to offer you the team of professionals who have the expertise to win restitution in cases such as auto or boat accidents, product defects, assault and battery, wrongful death, catastrophic injury, dog bites, job related injury, nursing home neglect, and premises liability.

We invite you to contact us today for your free consultation, or call us at (707) 833-8614. If you prefer, feel free to stop by Flahavan Law Offices, located at 400 College Avenue, Santa Rosa, CA 95401.