Are You the Victim of Assault in Santa Rosa?

Contact Our Assault Injury Attorney to Discuss Your Legal Options

Picture of woman talking to childHave you experienced assault and battery in Santa Rosa? If the answer is yes, then you are entitled to file a civil or personal injury complaint. Hiring an assault injury attorney from Flahavan Law Offices can help you recover compensation from the intentional attack. For an assault attorney who can be available day or night and is conveniently located in Santa Rosa, Flahavan is the office to contact.

From being attacked by a security guard to being assaulted a bar, assault and battery can happen to anyone, anywhere. When you arrive at our office in Santa Rosa, a personal injury lawyer will evaluate your situation free of charge, including the events leading up to the intentional incidence of violence and assault.

You may be able to recover compensation to help pay for medical expenses, long term care, or any other personal damages. When our assault injury lawyer handles your case, you will be informed and involved every step of the way. At Flahavan Law Offices, our personal injury attorney strives to keep your case moving forward, in every situation. We will keep your case moving forward while keeping you informed every step of the way.

Flahavan Law Offices strives to provide personable, experienced, and efficient legal advice to all clients. When you first arrive at our office in Santa Rosa, an experienced assault lawyer will evaluate your damages and claims, completely free of charge. To schedule a consultation, call us at (707) 833-8614.