5 Types of Catastrophic Injuries After a Car Accident

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Some car accidents are severe and result in catastrophic injuries. These injuries often turn an accident survivor’s life upside down. They can lead to permanent disability, impairment and a lifetime of pain and suffering. A catastrophic injury can prevent an accident survivor from maintaining gainful employment. It may also result in years of rehabilitation, medical treatments and surgical interventions. Understanding common types of catastrophic injuries is important when seeking compensation for your injuries after a car accident.

5 Types of Catastrophic Injuries

Any injury can become a catastrophic injury if it is severe enough. In some cases, medical complications can cause otherwise normal injuries to lead to permanent impairment. However, in general, there are five main types of catastrophic injuries that can affect car accident survivors.

#1: Severe Burns

Burns are some of the most painful and catastrophic injuries a person can face. Third and fourth-degree burns that cover large portions of the body are life-threatening. These burns affect all layers of the skin, as well as the tissue beneath.

Burn injuries often require skin grafts, plastic surgery and rehabilitation to recover. Even after treatment, accident survivors may suffer permanent nerve damage. They may also suffer disfigurement and scarring. This can result in a loss of motion and a lifetime of chronic pain.

#2: Spinal Cord Injuries

Severe spinal cord injuries may result in permanent and complete loss of movement and sensation. The result is often an inability to move the limbs and muscles below the site of the injury. This means accident survivors may spend their life in a wheelchair or on a ventilator. Paraplegics may have some movement in their upper extremities. Quadriplegics have no movement or sensation in all of their limbs. Spinal cord injury survivors need a lifetime of care.

#3: Traumatic Brain Injuries

When the brain suffers an injury, it can swell or bleed. This swelling and bleeding can cause significant damage to the brain tissue. Traumatic brain injury survivors may spend years in therapy and rehabilitation. They may need to re-learn how to walk, talk and perform their daily care. In some cases, they may suffer permanent damage that results in a lifetime of cognitive and physical impairment.

#4: Traumatic Fractures

Many fractures are treated easily with surgery and immobilization. However, some traumatic fractures are catastrophic. These fractures may require multiple surgeries to correct.

In some cases, accident survivors may never fully recover from their injuries. This can lead to a lifetime of limited mobility, pain and nerve damage. In some cases, traumatic fractures are so catastrophic that doctors must amputate the affected limb.

#5: Internal Organ Damage

The forces of a car accident can cause serious internal organ damage. This damage can result in ruptured kidneys or liver. It can also lead to internal bleeding, which can result in a life-threatening condition.

When an accident survivor suffers internal organ damage, they can spend months in and out of hospitals undergoing treatments and surgeries. In addition, they could suffer from permanent impairment and disability.

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