Beware of These Common Independence Day Dangers

Our Santa Rosa Car Accident Lawyer Explains the Risks

Independence Day is one of the most dangerous holidays of the year, especially if it occurs close to a weekend. On July 4, there are more instances of drunk driving accidents, boat accidents and firework injuries. Fortunately for us in Santa Rosa, firework injuries are less likely to occur due to strict local ordinances on the sale and discharging of fireworks.

However, dangerous driving is a risk to be aware of as the holiday weekend creeps closer. The National Safety Council estimates that more than 400 people could die in fatal traffic accidents during this July 4 Weekend.

Fortunately, there are steps you and your family can take to reduce the chances of suffering harm in an accident. Below, our Santa Rosa car accident lawyer discusses common Independence Day dangers and tips for accident prevention.

Car Accidents on July 4

Auto accidents are the greatest danger on July 4 Weekend. Many people travel during holiday weekends, and July 4 is no exception – even during a pandemic. Independence Day is also a holiday where many people partake in festivities. Impaired drivers are a major risk during the upcoming holiday weekend.

You should make preparations for your holiday weekend ahead of time. If you are going to be with family or close friends, and alcohol is going to be involved, then figure out your plans for transportation beforehand.

You should also recognize how to spot impaired drivers so you can avoid driving in close proximity. Look for signs that include:

  • Weaving between lanes
  • Inconsistent speed and sudden braking
  • Aggressive driving
  • Tailgating
  • Striking other motorists or objects

If you see another motorist who exhibits signs of impaired driving, then you could pull over somewhere safe and contact the authorities. Be sure to be descriptive about the make and model of the vehicle and the motorist’s last known location.

In addition to drunk drivers, fatigued and distracted drivers are another threat to be aware of during the holiday weekend. Remember, that with more vehicles on the road, the chances of accidents occurring increases.

Boat Accidents and July 4

California has some of the most beautiful weather and scenery in the United States, especially in Sonoma County. Maritime activities are a great way to enjoy California, and boating is a popular pastime in our area.

Much like with driving, summer holiday weekends tend to bring out more people on the water. Some people may also attempt to operate their watercraft under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Your chances of being involved in a boat accident are higher on a holiday weekend. You can reduce the risk of death or injury by considering the following safety tips.

  • Never operate a boat or watercraft under the influence of alcohol
  • Avoid drinking or drug use while on a boat
  • Stay hydrated
  • Operate boats and other watercraft at safe speeds
  • Stay alert at all times for other boats, swimmers or objects while operating a boat or watercraft
  • Have life jackets available in the correct sizes for yourself and your passengers
  • Check the weather conditions before going out on the water
  • Have your craft checked for maintenance issues before it is used

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