Case Results

  • $10,000,000 Sexual Harassment and Assault
    Judgement for sexual harassment and assault at restaurant in Tiburon, California.
  • $7,000,000 Wrongful Death
    Wrongful death and injury claims stemming from a fire in Mendocino County, California.
  • $3,000,000 Car Accident
    Auto v. Motorcycle injury claim including union worker in Sonoma County, California.
  • $1,100,000 Dog Bite

    Dog bite from neighbor’s dog resulting in foot and ankle injuries and surgery.

  • $1,000,000 Bicycle Accident
    Truck v. Bicycle accident resulting in multiple fractures and abrasions in Stockton, California.
  • $525,000 Premises Liability
    Loading dock accident resulting in broken arm in Santa Rosa, California.
  • $500,000 Auto Accident
    Auto accident resulting in spine injuries in Cotati, California.
  • $475,000 Trip and Fall
    Trip and fall case when cable television installers failed to mark hole in ground in Rohnert Park, California.
  • $465,000 Car Accident
    Auto accident caused by Disability Transportation Services vehicle resulting in back and neck injuries to passenger.
  • $423,000 Product Liability

    injury from defective ladder causing injury to a thumb and need for surgery in Petaluma, California.

  • $400,000 Motor Vehicle Accident
    Motor vehicle collision near Mark West Springs resulting in neck injuries, in Sonoma/Napa Counties, California.
  • $350,000 Medical Malpractice
    Medical malpractice against Kaiser Permanente for treatment related to arm surgery.
  • $350,000 Auto Accident
    Auto accident resulting in soft tissue injuries in San Francisco, California.
  • $305,000 Trip and Fall
    Trip and fall at Food Maxx parking lot in Santa Rosa, California.
  • $250,000 Pedestrian Accident
    Pedestrian v Auto case. Client was a pedestrian who was injured while jay-walking in Santa Rosa who was injured and taken to Kaiser Permanente, where he was treated for a broken leg.
  • $240,000 Trip and Fall
    Trip and fall on staircase of office building in Oakland, California.
  • $200,000 Slip and Fall
    Slip and fall at Movie Theater in Windsor, California.
  • $172,500 Slip and Fall
    Slip and fall at Safeway in Ukiah, California.
  • $165,000 Dog Bite
    Dog bite at a private residence in Petaluma, California.
  • $155,000 Legal Malpractice
    Legal Malpractice claim against attorney for failure to preserve statute of limitations.
  • $135,000 Trip & Fall

    Trip and fall on defective staircase in Marin County resulting in torn meniscus.

  • $100,000 Auto Accidents
    Numerous auto accidents, falls and dog bites.
  • $100,000 Auto Accident

    Policy Limits—Auto Accident in Santa Rosa resulting in exacerbation of pre-existing low back pain of client.